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Attack on USS Liberty, 1967

Does Israel continue to attack liberty?

This video is by Black Pilled, posted in 2018 - you can find the original here

Now to be honest I haven’t followed this guy, so I don’t know enough to endorse or otherwise, but I did find this story very interesting and relevant given what’s happening today in the Middle East.

You can read the Wikipedia version of the story here but from the interviews and first-hand accounts it seems the excuse that Israel didn’t know it was an American ship is rather far fetched.

I’d be interested to know your take on this episode in light of what’s going on today - is there anything Israel can’t do? It seems they can get away with much, have their back covered by the ADL and the like, and there’s no real accountability. This is an important historical story in regards to the propaganda from both the US and Israel.

Here’s some other videos on the same incident by the BBC, Al Jezeera, and you’ll find an interesting discussion with someone who was there at the time (the video that says it won’t play here but you can click through to YouTube):

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On JUNE 8, 1967, the Israeli air force attacked the USS Liberty, killing or wounding 208 American sailors. No commemoration of the massacre has ever been convened by any president. Admiral Thomas H. Moorer’s exposé is indispensable. Michael Hoffman's Revelation of the Method is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, co…
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