WHO Domination Roundup

The obvious power grab by the WHO has been covered by many and it’s such an important and pressing issue. Rather than me replicating what’s already out there I thought it better to just point you to some resources - There’s many reports but this bunch should put you in the picture.

I’m assuming most of you know the score and are making your stance known to your senators and representatives.

For anyone who isn’t up-to-speed, check out the following…

The Corbett Report
The Global Pandemic Treaty: What You Need to Know
Listen now (79 min) | Watch the video on Archive / BitChute / Odysee or Download the mp4 The World Health Organization has already begun drafting a global pandemic treaty on pandemic preparedness. What form will it take? What teeth will it have? How will it further the globalists in cementing the biosecurity grid into place? James breaks it down in today's episode of The Corb…
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Resist Much, Obey Little | by Eva Vlaardingerbroek
The WHO is commiting a power grab
Our rights and national sovereignty are about to be handed over to The World Health Organization (WHO) in an unprecedented way at the next World Health Assembly meeting in Geneva, Switzerland next week. And as always, the MSM is silent as the grave…
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Margaret Anna Alice Through the Looking Glass
Letter to the US HHS Office of Global Affairs
“Governments do like epidemics, just the same way as they like war, really. It’s a chance to impose their will on us and get us all scared so that we huddle together and do what we’re told.” —Dr. Damien Downing, President, British Society of Ecological Medicine…
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Nation First, by George Christensen
🚨⚕️☠️ WHO wants to erode our sovereignty?
Dear friends of freedom, It seems there’s a never-ending array of threats to our national sovereignty and personal freedoms these days and yet another one has emerged: the World Health Organization’s proposed Pandemic Treaty and impending International Health Regulation Changes…
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The New Normal
What Does the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty Really Do?
Social media has been abuzz with terrifying news about a new Pandemic Treaty (officially the “Zero draft report of the Working Group on Strengthening WHO Preparedness and Response to Health Emergencies to the Seventy-fifth World Health Assembly”) currently being deliberated by the members of the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland…
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An article by World Freedom Alliance

Here are a few more from The Watchman

This pandemic treaty is the greatest power grab any of us has seen in our lifetime (VIDEO) with Neil Oliver – GBNews -

The WHO Pandemic Treaty. A Backdoor to Global Governance: “Stripping Away Individual Rights and Liberties” – Dr. Joseph Mercola -https://www.globalresearch.ca/what-you-need-know-about-who-pandemic-treaty/5779924

WHO pandemic treaty should be called the Gates Treaty - Gerry O’Neill -

The West's Awake
WHO pandemic treaty should be called the Gates Treaty
The audacity of the World Health Organisation never ceases to amaze me. By their own admission they haven’t had a great pandemic season. Seasons plural might be the more accurate statement of fact actually. The WHO response to their own ineptitude seems to be a flipping of that old break up line…
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“Pandemic Treaty” will hand WHO keys to global government - Kit Knightly - https://off-guardian.org/2022/04/19/pandemic-treaty-will-hand-who-keys-to-global-government/