What is this about?

The Ministry of Truth: Exploring the current social/political mental illness, evil ideologies, totalitarianism and to know enough to escape the mass psychosis. Sometimes resorting to satire and fiction to get a message across.

Who is Winston Smith?

An ordinary guy driven by curiosity and the need to know and question everything. Born in the novel 1984, now liberated to explore the 21st Century.

What are we escaping from again?

“Mass Psychosis” - mental states, often nurtured through coercive propaganda by powerful entities, that narrow our cognition for the purposes of enslavement. Something to recognise and escape from.

We are in a 5th Generation War for your mind. A war, not over land but over humanity itself. You may not see guns and bullets for the primary weapons are ideologies and words. We are a parallel society, an underground, an oppositional force against the technocrats who are waging this war over us.

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Because we are in a war for freedom, even life itself, and we can’t remain silent. Have an active role in this community, this parallel society of free thinkers, and help yourself and others escape the current mass psychosis.

Your financial support gives me the freedom to write more, reach more people, and to be another important counter-propaganda voice on the web.

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More Satire

Regrettably you can find Winston on The Confounding Variable for those who love satire (when real life is not so completely stupid that I can actually apply some satire).

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The Ministry of Truth: Exploring the reasons why the world is going insane and to know enough to escape the mass psychosis.


Winston Smith

Trying to understand and avoid mass psychosis. Musing about freedom, health, psychology, spirituality, and the nature of things. Suffers from totalitariophobia (fear of oppression), extremely curious, and works for The Ministry of Truth.