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I love the writing of this story! I fear it could well come true, if the psychopaths win and we lose.

[Edited] At first I did not see which of our six fine authors wrote it, now I see it was you. Well done!

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Never mind that the humanly created world of 2003 was completely different to what the humanly created world is now in 2023. And nobody had even the foggiest idea of the enormity of the changes in just 20 years.

Remember too that most/all of these changes were created by new technologies.

When did I-phones first appear? I-phones have transformed (trance-formed) almost every aspect of human culture.

Therefore it is impossible to even begin to imagine what the humanly created world will look like in 20 years time, especially as the rate of technological change is occurring in leaps and bounds. Sooner or later all new technologies create all-the-way-down-the-line changes in human behavior.

Meanwhile the "religious" psychopaths have announced their game-plan for changing every aspect of human culture in the US beginning in 2025. They are highly organized and have unlimited deep-pockets of dollars financing their essentially totalitarian project. They even justify it in the name of their power-and-control-seeking tribalistic deity. http://www.project2025.org

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Winston, will be linking all six articles today in a special edition of https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

Wiil be reading all over the next few days when I get some time.

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I notice you took down the poll. That may be for the best. I really enjoyed the stories, and though I preferred some over others, I want to encourage each writer to continue their work.

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Ugh! Great first chapter! When does the rest of the novel come out?

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Great story Winston, unfortunately it's going to be sooner than we think if we don't do something about it. 2043?? Actually sounds like 2023 by year's end.

So many things you touch on we are well into already. Loved the United World, the WF references and the Yuval Noah Harari reference as well although I can't stand the bastard..

You are the third one I have read ( Yours, John Carter's and Mark Bisone's and will try to get to the other three tomorrow, Want to read all six before I read any follow-ups. Really enjoying this exercise by some good writers!!!!

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Great stuff, Winston! Where's John Connor, Magnus Robot fighter and possibly Dr. Who when you need them? In any case, this is a satisfying horror/comedy tale. And your depictions of all the little soul-crushing banalities of your boiled-frog dystopia makes it that much scarier/funnier.

Well done!

(Also, Harari's poetry is every bit as godawful as I'd imagine).

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It's about SECURITY, innit ?

It's always about SECURITY, innit ?

They are always making the world a Safer Place...

In a two horse race Security always beats Freedom...

"Security. I Want Security !"


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love it!

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