I had a client, a brilliant physicist and engineer with an extra PhD in statistics, right before "covid". He had just retired from a massive quant-heavy hedge fund where he had run a team in their AI division.

They were working on predictive analytics, attempting to harness the massive data sets within the traded financial instruments and derive meaningful patterns via their quasi-sentient code mutant.

Being curious, but hamstrung by the mathematical brain of a fingerpainter, I would prompt him to explain "AI" to me using a lot of metaphor, because fingerpainter.

Our conversations always left me feeling inadequate for my inability to make my own leap across the uncanny valley of believing this was real, and actual "science". When I challenged him on this, he plainly stated that "science is statistics...all science is at its core models". Seems the explanatory power of science is that everything can be distilled into smaller parts and then dropped into a model.

He was plainly stating the organizing principle of the cult of science. I may drag my knuckles when walking upright, but I recognize the inversion when I see it.

Yet even after his lengthy explanations, "AI" to me was just a series of multivariate skip logic problems strapped together within a unifying coding language and let loose in a super-fast computer. Seems the 'speed of science' is to just go real fast (skip) over the parts you cant - or don't want to, solve for. Especially when those little parts are 'problematic' to the thesis.

Now to be fair, the human brain does a lot of this sort of thing vis a vis the senses, but still, at least when I paint a tree, I don't expect other people to think it is a real tree - or bear fruit!

The other thing that struck me was that all of their "science" was core technology that has been around a very long time. The innovation we love to talk about is often just more speed at which we traverse the unknowns. AI-->machine learning-->deep learning. Down the rabbit hole we go.

But to our cult of science the big everything is just a really complex machine. So, what better way to unlock its secrets than to build our own machine?

To go faster than the big machine itself - to get ahead of its next iteration such that we can predict the future. Or escape/hijack the autophagy of our meatsacks. If this sounds like they are playing God, it's purely accidental, God does not exist, they already PROOVED that.

That experience with the brilliant guy lingered on me for quite a while. Here is a foremost expert and gifted intellectual who is pouring his gifts into a fundamentally dehumanizing and spiritually vacant worldview. A black hole of intellect.

Turns out it was foreshadowing of the ideology driving the universally applied "covid" response. Luckily, my pattern recognition kicked in immediately and I saw the same beast, so my "covid" immunity was robust. But still, the science rages on toward building that better machine to finally isolate and sever us from the process that is us.

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The history of modern man seems to be one of deep misunderstandings at a fundamental level and there is little effort made to redress this.

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Dec 8, 2022Liked by Winston Smith

Sure glad you came to the conclusion you did. ;-)

We are a part of the Body/Mind of the Living God. Our cell of a Solar System is rather sick at the moment, accepting other thought patterns which only feeds the cancer. If we do not change our ways and turn to the Living God and the Perfect Pattern He gave us in the Life of JeSus, Then He will cast us off as waste material. I understand we are presently on the edge.

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I am reading a book called Liber Kaos, which postulates the waveform exists alongside the particles always, and waveform does not collapse into particles upon observation, as some believe quantum mechanics says. Rather, waveform (consciousness) totally controls the particles in 100% determinism fashion. I liken it to the pixels on a computer screen, which is the "particles" we see with our 5 senses and interact with. The "waveform" then is what we don't see behind the scenes manipulating the pixels---the hardware, software, programming languages translating transistors states of open or closed to allow a circuit, represented as zeros and ones at the fundamental level. All these intricate details are irrelevant to avatars playing the game of life in an online role-playing game. The pixels I perceive on my computer screen are totally controlled in determinism fashion because the players are either avatars controlled by humans with a joy-stick or NPCs that are just programs that are programmed to act like a human-avatar, and can be hard to tell the difference. The background is rendered as I need to see it to play the game. If a tree falls in a forrest but nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound? No, because it does not even fall down until a human-avatar goes to that part of the computer generated world.

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In the remake of "The Elephant Man" he stands tall affirming "I am not a machine". 😁

A jolly good, well written piece Winston.

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Years ago I attempted to study computer science. I was a total failure as a student for many reasons, and the machine analogy is one of them. I was reading that computer architecture follows the von Neuman model, which is based in the metaphoric conception that genius had about the human brain as a machine: there is a part for primary memory, another part for secondary memory, a processor for calculations, a processor for logic, a part for receiving energy, and so on. So computers today have such differentiated parts and many more, replaceable, serviceable, etc.

I pointed out that that is not how the brain works when they told me that they were trying to make interfaces in the skull to connect computer parts directly to the brain. For real. They didn't see the problem.

I discovered I wasn't cut for engineering or science. These people do not like to think too much. They only want to patent something, sell out and then move to an island in the Pacific Ocean.

In general, I'd say that most engineers do not understand metaphors.

Then again, metaphors only work in a limited number of poems. They are a failure anywhere else. Like in Economy. Metaphors like "the invisible hand" or "labor is a commodity" are so confussing to everyone.

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For the logical conclusion of this "life as machine" presupposition look no further than the WEF's new religion of "transhumanism". Actually bolting on bits of machinery onto human beings in order to transcend human limitations Including (in their deluded fantasies) death itself.

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Complex dynamical systems explains why bigger systems are irrational. You don't need quantum theory to explain it. In fact quantum theory is just another left brained misinterpretation of flawed experiments.

Quantum mechanics is nonsense that was spawned from the nuclear program.

https://youtu.be/xaC_aKqjCXU explains the story behind the circular reasoning

Even the big bang is recently being challenged. Figures, that's a throwback to creationism.

And here's another channel pointing out that qt is mired in bullshit


Edit: I also will add virology to the same pile as quantum theory. They ignore doubts in order to push a belief.

“Belief is the death of intelligence. As soon as one believes a doctrine of any sort, or assumes certitude, one stops thinking about that aspect of existence.” - Robert Anton Wilson

"One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.” ― Carl Sagan

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