I really appreciate your covering of the SLC.

I hope you write more on the subject.

You have reminded me to pick up the book I have not finished, called "The Thinking Body: The Balancing Forces of Dynamic Man," 1937.

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Thanks for new things to think about.

From the understandings of Delamer Duverus, we are here to serve the Body/Mind which created us, as we are a part of that Body/Mind. All of us of humanity belong to a Speciel Mind and we can strengthen or weaken it by how we think, and by how many in our Speciel Mind are thinking it. If more of us are thinking with God, then would it pull us out of the MCO and take us to the SLC and maybe beyond?

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This is the most thought provoking substack article I have ever read, with truly far reaching implications. It seems indigenous populations parallel SLC philosophy in that humans are expressions of energy rather than body alone. I’m now wondering at all the delusions which would stem from MCO… genes as ‘nature’/ static over ‘nurture’/dynamic… modern healing practices… the truth behind ‘we are what we eat’… the mind boggles at the implications of this deep false narrative

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"...the physical form of an organism is merely the visible expression of the constancy of catabolic and anabolic processes going on with in it...."The steady imput of nutrients and export of wastes."

In layman terms our simple function is to turn (food)stuff into shit...

Life & the universe is process...

If our species was true to its nature would it really be preoccupied by the meanings of Life & death ? Wouldnt it be just like cows, munching on the grass to turn it into a product in which other life forms can thrive ? Maybe it would stop thinking it was Special ?

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Great writing. Thank you!

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