We made it to https://expose-news.com/2022/06/28/alien-deception-weve-been-primed-for-aliens/

Touted as one of the most successful sources of misinformation in the UK - totally stoked!

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Superb stuff Winston. Did a paper on the hills and twins around the world who had been reporting the same events (never met the others or read about it yet had exact details) for undergrad writing course long ago to the snickering of classmates. Didn't give a damn then or now. No subjects should beneath discussion in any setting. Enjoyed the different connections you offer to consider here. Need to re-read and share with the old man. He's been into speculating about all this for fifty years. You've made his Sunday.

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That was absolutely fascinating, many thanks!

If they can indeed telepathically control minds, imagine if their deception extends to much that is going on in the world right now?

It's comforting in a way. Who wants to believe that people like Maxine Waters are actually that dumb?

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Fascinating story telling all around starting so many thousands of years ago!

These people who claim us as their resource are just bullies and would rather us blame aliens in the event a rebellion occurs. These fascists have become experts at causing the pain and passing the blame.

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Twilight Zone with the great Rod Serling did a lot with aliens....don't want to spoil it for some who haven't watched it but this one is my favourite episodes of all time.....and VERY fitting for today....."The monsters are due on Maple Street" .......https://www.fsd157c.org/apps/video/watch.jsp?v=328834....

he was soo prophetic....enjoy!!!!

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It's all inversion. The heavens are not above us, they are underground. And it is from the underground, usually after great cataclysms on the surface, from which the "aliens" arrive as gods. (And the aliens are/were us!)

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An extremely remote possibility. And the story of the flood in the Bible has antecedents through the Greek version (Deucalion) to Atrahasis


and Gilgamesh


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I've been reading this book and he really looks deeply into supernatural phenomena which UFOs also seem to be. I wanted to believe for so long, but with cameras everywhere, why do we still get fuzzy photos? Why no hard evidence (and yes people claim it's been seized etc... But nothing real leaks!)

It got me thinking and so far this is the most logical answer for why people saw gods, angels, UFOs etc.

"Daimonic Reality by Patrick Harpur examines UFOs and a wide variety of “paranormal” phenomena from a rather unique angle. Although Harpur never fully defines the daimonic—“the daimonic that can be defined is not the true daimonic,” as Lao-Tse would say—it seems to exist both inside us and outside us. Like the Greek daemon and unlike the Christian demon, it takes both good/healing and bad/terrifying forms, depending on our commitment to rationalistic ego states.

In a sense, the daimonic is like the collective unconscious of Carl Jung, inside us as a part of our total self that the ego wishes to deny, outside us in all the other humans who ever existed and in the dreams, myths, and arts of all the world. But Harpur follows Irish poet (and Golden Dawn alumnus) W. B. Yeats as often as he follows Jung, and traces some of his ideas back to Giordano Bruno and the alchemical/hermetic mystics of the Renaissance. The daimonic is just a bit more personalized and individualized than Jung’s species unconscious.

Harpur’s major thesis is that unless we recognize the daimonic (make friends with it, Jung would say) it takes increasingly malignant and terrifying forms. For instance, the Greys of UFO abduction lore, he says, are deliberately mirroring our ego-centered and “scientistic” age—showing no emotions of the humans they experiment upon, just as the ideal science student feels no emotion and has no concern with the emotions of the animal being tortured in his laboratory.

Despite dealing with many subjects common to conspiracy theories, this book does not quite fit into that category. We are the conspirators, so to speak. We have repressed the most creative part of ourselves and now it is escaping in terrifying forms" "

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I read a couple of books on aliens, UFOs and the demonic deception involved many years ago - incl the point that they were halted by calling on the Name of Jesus - and the fact that no-one who was a true follower of Jesus had such experiences, but those who followed other religions did.

What you write is exactly what I have seen the world being prepared for. When the Rapture takes place, those who are not taken will be persuaded that people have disappeared because the aliens have 'expunged' them from the earth for re-educational purposes, and to 'cleanse' the earth of undesirables. Demons have been informing those open for such deception of this for a v. long time. See. the Lucis Trust aka Lucifer Publications, Mme Blavatski, Alice Bailey and their cohorts.

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Most ufologists would consider me daft for it, but I still think John Keel was the world's best ufologist. Operation Trojan Horse. The Eighth Tower. Mothman Prophecies. Not only was he a great writer - and funny - he was one of the most original thinkers of his generation. (And most film crits would think I'm crazy, but I think David Lynch best captures the nature of this otherwordly evil.)

My views are very similar to yours, Winston. But rather than say aliens are demons, I'd say that aliens and demons are both inadequate or approximate descriptors for the same thing, but which nevertheless capture certain features of whatever it is. "Alien" is the modern, mechanistic/technological descriptor. "Demon" is the traditional/spiritual descriptor.

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What? No Anunnaki or did I skim over it?

Good read Winston will be linking @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

I have been fascinated by all aspects of this subject since I was a child. In the late 60s I read everything available on what they basically just termed UFOs back then. I subscribed to Fate magazine, that's a blast from the past and bought countless paperback books about the subject. My eighth grade science project was even about it.

I've looked at the religious aspects as well. The options are endless as are the reasons.

Is it now being used as a control mechanism, probably, but what isn't. Will it unify us to have a common enemy. Doubt it, because we don't have common beliefs. If you consider aliens as fallen angels then Satan could give 2 shits about us being unified. I think the demons are already here and have been.

Do the aliens even exist. Of course they do, common sense, logic and above all, real science should tell you that. How could there not be other civilizations in a heaven filled with galaxies that are filled with stars, that are surrounded by billions of planets. It's called infinity. And was there a God who made all this? More than likely because there isn't a shotgun big enough to make that big of a bang!!!

One other note an interesting read if you can come across it is: Old World Secrets: The Omega Project Codes by a Brandon Levon

It is a different theory but very interesting, Copies are rare and supposedly the author disappeared after writing it. There is very little info on this person.

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Oh my! I am only 5 paragraphs in and... well, we have got to talk!

Oh, man. we are both going to be sorry we can't sit down and compare notes and laugh.

Ok, let me read the rest...a.c.

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Based on reading your other writings for awhile I was surprised to read your views on this.

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Winston, great coverage. Thank you for having the courage, as an academic, for putting this out there. As a Catholic, (yes, we still believe in demons, and even possession) I would agree with most of your position. This appears to be a massive spiritual psy-op to control humanity under a perceived global threat.

There are several books and blogs devoted to this theme. One is by Brian Rossiter who has an excellent website you may want to explore.


Another book is:




The pre-eminent UFO researcher who has written about alien-human hybridization is David Jacobs: but his position is that the aliens are real physical extra-terrrestrial entities.



Marc Mullie MD, Montreal


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Could there be a link to Covid which affects humans with Neanderthal genes more?

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Winston, not sure if you are familiar with Steve Quayle or not, but I have followed Steve for years. He just had an interesting interview with Greg Hunter that kind of goes along with your article. Here's the link if interested:

Alien Link to Human Destruction – Steve Quayle by Greg Hunter On June 25, 2022


I'll also be linking this one today as well @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

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