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This was a furiously interesting piece, well worth the time it took to read.

While your main focus, appropriately enough, was a critique of the mechanical metaphor as applied to biology, precisely the same points can be made about every other level of reality. As you note, subatomic particles are better thought of as process flows rather than static objects. Precisely the same is true of stars, galaxies, or the cosmos. What does it mean for a galaxy to be 'turned off'? Or for that matter, 'turned on'? It's an essentially meaningless question.

Following the implications of that way of perceiving reality furthermore imply that intelligence is to be found at every level. There's no particular reason to assume that cognition begins at the scale of a cell. Subatomic wave/particles can be readily viewed as possessing an elementary awareness. And of course, if consciousness goes all the way down (and all the way up), there are profound moral implications for how humans should best relate to the world.

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts and writing. I would never have been introduced to McGilchrist otherwise.

I know nothing of quantum physics or quantum mechanics. The concepts you present here do not seem to directly dispute an understanding of healing with which I was raised, innate intelligence.

I was thinking too of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, The Modern Prometheus. Rather than fear and despise the monster they create, as Victor did, would the transhumanists be in love with their creation?

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Mattias Desmet said it best, without needing a belief in higher order.... (I see nature as the "god" and because of this complexity- it shows "intelligence")

He said that it's a complex dynamical system that has been found to do irrational things.

I agree, like with complicated machines, you sometimes get the "ghost in the machine" happen, which is where the machine acts out of its intended logic.

PS- Quantum theory is easily debunked by questioning the way the experiments were run, too many assumptions on the instruments used and a couple of contradictions (the time paradox) which pretty much show that it's a mathematical game being played in physics, trying to observe the invisible, much like virology is a sham too. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkdAkAC4ItcFyNFBywN0wiZ45pCnMr-Ay

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This concept is very important to apply to medicine, and unfortunately, it isn't very often. When it is, it usually comes with a lot of complementary and alternative medicine, most of which isn't evidence based, but tends to work when it is combined with positive lifestyle modification that is often the active ingredient. How can we break people out of LHB fixation? It seems very important that we do if we want society to become a healthier emergent natural process. Can society have an optimal state of well being? I think as much as an individual can.

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Yes . Exactly. It is a long slippery slope. A very steep greased skids descent from Common Sense.

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