I haven't watched all of "Died Suddenly". I find Peters style of presentation too childish for my taste. From the bit I have seen his latest doco is in keeping with his flair for the dramatic. If he is controlled opposition the net effect will be minimal. Just like his snake venom expose, it will gain a little bit of attention, mostly by the people who enjoy that hyperbolic style - the provaxxers will ridicule it as will the serious antivaxxers. Compared to the billion dollar propaganda campaign waged by the pharmaceutical industry this is small fry and will have little influence on the overall narrative.

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“Right off the bat they talk about Covid-19 and viruses...." Is that humor or a Freudian slip ?

Sorry I just wanted to get that out of the way first, but what I actually want to speak on is

"In the fog of war it can be difficult to discern who is friend and who is foe".

You sent out a call for assistance and I'd like to help if I can.

Viruses (and bats) mRNA, blood clots I can't help you with. The death of JFK and the Moon landings are definitely topics for another time. However, The Fog of (The Culture) War and mental self defense against disinformation or PSYOP manipulation is an on-going project of mine. Perhaps some of my personal observations and conclusions will be of assistance.

Are we being lied to ? Are we fish hooked on the wrong end of a line ? To a certain extent we all are, live a few years and everyone will have lost a few pounds of flesh to predators, but the fight isn't over and we're not dead yet.

After examining my own thinking I came to see how much I relied on argument by analogy, so the following is perhaps not very scientific but it's what I have and so I use it.

It has occurred to me how similar the arts of informational warfare are, not only to the methods of the predatory psychopath but also to the professional techniques of the illusionist or stage magician. Perhaps the tricks used to detect one could, with suitable modification, also be used to detect the others ?

The illusionist can only perform their psychological manipulations at certain times and under specific conditions. The magician might be able to saw a woman in half and put her back together again but won't be able to perform emergency surgery on an accident victim in a hospital. I once saw David Copperfield pass through the Great Wall of China. Nice trick. He's not building traffic tunnels through the Himalayas.

Now I know we are still working in the realm of words and ideas, so you can't easily perform physical tests, but the point here is about directing your focus to a certain specific spot. An intelligent, well meaning person can, and will, speak clearly about many different subjects. The illusionist, like the psy-operator has a specific trick or mission they have to perform so their focus will remain on that. If anyone attempts to shift the focus (to flesh out surrounding details or to get some back ground information for example) they must resist.

The next counter illusion trick is Time.

We allow Magicians a long term residence in Las Vegas because we like them and we've all agreed that although they're liars they're entertaining and harmless liars. But liars like propagandists, psy-operators and psychopaths burn the ground they walk on and so can't remain in any one space, physical or meta-physical for very long.

If a story still holds up over time or the narrative still works after centuries then it can hardly be called propaganda. Of course you don't have centuries to wait, but you can attempt to track them backwards through time.

Who is this person and what is their history ? Everyone has a past and a reasonable person has a reasonable history. Do they conceal their family or origins ? Have they ever changed their name ? Do they often change location or job ? Did they just seem to drop in recently from outer space ? Do they claim to have access to secret or forbidden knowledge ?

There COULD be legitimate reasons for anyone of those points, but if many of them appear, again and again then they all become major red flags.

That is all I have for now, I hope it's useful. My project, like yours is on going and I shall keep an open eye and an open mind on yours.

Courage brother ! And stay in the fight.

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Nov 27, 2022Liked by Winston Smith

All the fuss raised around viruses—real or not or somewhere in between—def smells like sinister psy-op. What’s the point apart divide & conquer? A model is as good as it’s useful. Consider holes in semiconductors: strictly taken, no such charge carriers exist in nature. Yet imagining they do makes a slew of clever devices & stuff possible. Incl Substack 😉


MidWestern Doc serves an à propos read (obligatory, I’m tempted to say) --> https://amidwesterndoctor.substack.com/p/what-is-causing-the-died-suddenly. Cool-headed, balanced, pithy, pointing to numerous avenues for further exploration—as always 🙂 Imho, raising awareness of zeta-potential is more pressing an issue, much more.

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I brought up similar concern on another Substacck and was tar and feathered by the author! I was called every name humanly possible - many of which I had no idea even meant! I don't know what a BOT is which I assume I would - if I was one!

Anyhow the point I brought up was the fear many of the folks were doing to our crusade - that being trying to educate others with inarguable facts and evidence! What was the video from Australia with the half naked guy confronting a doctor in his car? Many prominent people actually passed that around!

In my personal opinion the theatrics immediately destroy all credibility - which is why I could never stand Tucker! I've always said - who actually talks like this is person? The severely raised eyebrows is always a dead give-away - who are you trying to convince? Yourself or us? Telltale sign of liars! Hillary Clinton personifies this!

I've always thought Stew was in it for just what you stated - it has now become a pissing contest between all of them! Although I like and somewhat trust Peter McCullough how many times do we have to hear he is the most published or that his protocol was the very first? I'm thinking the deceased Dr. Zelenko may hold that record although I am not 100% certain.

I've always wondered what Peter Mc Culloughs vying for! The guy from The Last Vagabond is another one - what can be said and summarized in 5 minutes goes on for an hour once again completely destroying the message! Even James Colbert has gotten into the act! I have one name Charlie Rose - LEARN FROM HIM!

So in answer to your question I completely agree with you and thought the exact same - they are out to destroy our crusade! I can't help but think - people have been dying suddenly since the dawn of time.

I am NOT NOT NOT saying the injections are completely unrelated and just that we need ironclad proof before we go spouting off like a bunch of loons! All these videos you see - of people keeling over - has anyone actually authenticated them? I am not saying they are 100% false and only if you presented this in court you would be laughed out of the room.

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Not a fan of Stew Peters... seems to be clickbait and little else... however, anyone who claims viruses don't exist should let themselves be bitten by a rabid animal. We'll see how long they continue to deny the existence of viruses.

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Nov 29, 2022Liked by Winston Smith

I am not a huge fan of Stew Peters, and I found the whole snake venom story pretty ridiculous. But I did find the Died Suddenly doc to be excellent. Did the people who are dissing it so strongly actually watch it?

The documentary doesn't just explore the strange blood clots being described by multiple morticians as something very unusual (not blood clots in dead bodies per se, but these particular kind of blood clots). It also covers the exponential jump in US military deaths and injuries and the incredible decreases in birth rates in various western countries - all post covid "vaccinations." The interview clips with Steve Kirsch were also very sobering.

I had seen much of the information shown in the documentary before, but having it all pulled together in one place was valuable. We are constantly being "drip fed" all kinds of terrible outcomes from the covid injections; seeing the information all at once reminded me of just how monumental the war that is being waged on us is.

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Had/have my suspicions with the inclusion of the easily refuted examples of people who did not die from the vaccine.

All that research and those erreurs can only be purposeful imo.

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Stew is just a master of the gross art of the click-bait. He's having the time of his life with all this. He is no investigative reporter and no controlled oposition in my opinion. Maybe in the future he is framed and has to switch sides, but now he is his own boss, I think.

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Nov 28, 2022Liked by Winston Smith

I found the film disappointing. I did not bother to forward it to anybody. I knew the minute all the population clips came up and esp the Bill Gates one that was taken out of context, that I better not send because it will only hurt the chances of people even believing in the coroners who bravely came out to talk about the blood clots. This movie should not have been done in this way. It made it useless. Facts only is the way to reach people. The minute you throw in opinions or theories you will lose all the people who believe in vaccines. It’s a shame.

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So many intersections. Controlled oppo, self-promotional opportunist, legitimate producer who knows his audience.

I watched the product and found it to be overproduced lowbrow. Like artisnal handpies from a nice food truck. Who doesn't like a good handpie?

Admittedly, I repeatedly forget that to reach a wide (or actual) audience the LCD is always lower than your first three guesses. Which is a big reason why none of my produkt sells. I am too lazy. I guess once and plow onward.

Anyhow, in the age of extremely online rhetorical appeal, it makes sense to produce a highly polished emotional trap, as opposed to say, a well-constructed presentation of evidence. Or even an expose of a process of evidentiary discovery leading to better questions than the one that started the whole thing.

For example. What is the thesis? I assume it something like "the 'vaccines' cause [mysterious] blood clots" which, again I assume, are causing "died suddenly".

But then the evidence is a few brave undertakers who report these clots., play with them a lot in visceral ways, put them in jars, and then talk about them in terms that are easy to understand. Like calamari. Which according to other conspiracy theorists, is often actually pigs' asses. But even here we never find out if the [mysterious!] clots are calamari, pigs asses, or anything else but some offhand speculation. Quick roll the faces of death mashup!

20 minutes of CCVT/local network B-roll of people passing out and/or having seizures completely excised from any relevant context.

All of which is set to a music bed scored by the team that brought you "Alien Autopsies" [1,2,3,&5 (4 was John Williams)].

Please ignore the fact that content of this very same nature was a big part of how we got here, aka "Covid-19" i.e. chiners falling in front of trains, "dropping dead in the streets", and so we are all gonna die unless we go to Costco right f*cking now and buy TP, then stay home to flatten my small business income to less than zero.

So, Peters is just surfing the low tide of the Age of the Amygdalae - or he is intentionally delegitimizing the clot-shot with crafty Area51 Productions. A common response to the product is "chilling". Yes. The dark winter continues.

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Nov 28, 2022Liked by Winston Smith

It gets a little crazy when you don't know whom to trust, however, trust is the nature of the very beast we are dealing with--the psy-op experts, so it's kind of good we question everything and keep an open mind. One could have easily critiqued the same problems as merely Stew Peters' poor artistic taste and expression, which is equally believable.

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Nov 27, 2022·edited Nov 27, 2022Liked by Winston Smith

I Iiked the exposure about the clots but I’ve seen a lot of it before. The style of the film and Peters himself don’t matter much to me (I actually don't like him) but I’d like to know which video clips are fake. Did Peters know they were fake and did he include them even so?

I suspect a lot of ‘Controlled Opposition” accusations are simply: "If you don’t agree with me 100% then you are controlled opposition and the proof is that you don’t agree with me."

Well, certainly not in all cases, for sure! Also I find “Limited Hangout” quite useful as it shows us what can no longer be hidden but only a fool would think that that is all.

BTW Dr Peter McCullough has published photographs of the CV-19 virus. Been looking for those for a long, long time.

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The ones they go after are the ones we need to listen too the most and NO Peters is not controlled opposition. They go after Peters, Howse, Kingston, Jones and Ardis only because they speak the truth they don't want the everyday schlub to hear. I would be more leary of guys like Malone and McCullough etc. their words are always measured. Not saying they are bad guys but they know a lot more than they are sharing. They give the same narrative in every interview and it never changes nor is it ever updated as others do the heavy lifting research.

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Nov 27, 2022Liked by Winston Smith

Great article and comments. Thanks to Dave for link to Midwestern Docs article about the clot formation.

From the beginning there have been so many difficult to answer questions though the easiest for us was the avoidance of the vaccine. I was vaccine damaged as were two of my sons, though mildly. The third never received a vaccine in his life. Many times I have woken up to dreams urging me to get the vaccine, even one saying my paperwork is all done so go get your vaccine, so that I even know they are using their insidious thought projection technology to thwart us and goad us into compliance.

Is Covid a virus, a gain-of-function virus? Are there viruses? Is it about poisons, venoms? Watched two videos of Dr. Bryan Ardis on venoms. Here is one and it is very well documented. https://vokalnow.com/video/5504

Research from Arizona on the blood of many covid patients had indications of different venoms and Dr. Ardis relates them to the many reactions to the virus. Here is another http://braveseries.com/snaek-peek/

In all of this time, I have turned to God asking for the truth of things. Even of Stew Peters, Dr. Mallone, Dr. McCullough and others. I can remember reading an article many years ago about the Sandy Hook killings being a false flag with crisis actors. We see where that got Alex Jones. He is not the guilty party and should never have been sued, but we know the snowflake "feelings" are easily hurt and attorneys could get rich and it suits the narrative for Alex to be taken down. He has told the truth though in a bombastic sort of way.

I don't trust anyone but God! I lean on Him heavily, walking and talking with Him and thanking Him for those quiet thoughts.

I like Stew Peters, though I do not trust him. Were all of his actions with CPS and covid educations just to grab us so that later he can lead us astray? I even thought of Mike Adams of Natural News this way. Paranoid? Probably.

Thanks, Winston, for your questioning mind!

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Nov 27, 2022Liked by Winston Smith

It is too bad Stew is such a sensationalist but I don't believe he is controlled opposition! I have only watched a few of his videos but I believe his heart is in the right place. He is an activist and very passionate about exposing evil in this world, that turns a lot of people off. I watched the doc and felt the same, he should have kept the focus on the clots and VERIFIABLE deaths and illnesses from the jabs. But like anything the opposition does, the regime will ridicule it and, of course, say it's mis-, dis- or mal-information.

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Nov 27, 2022Liked by Winston Smith

You raise some valid points, Winston. Linking today @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

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