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Hi Winston, thanks for your article, as always very thought provoking!

As i read through it I thought about a comment I read in quora many years ago around the topic of psycopathy: the person who wrote it I believe was part native american, and what he shared I found fascinating - according to his tribe, psychopaths characteristics (lack of empathy etc) were not neccesarely seen as negative, because there was a reason for them to exist: when times of war approached many children with what we would call phsychopathic characteristics were born. The man writing the reponse had combat experience and shared the positives of fighting on the side of a friend who had such characteristics. When those were not tainted by sadistic tendencies they could apparently very much be a valuable asset, and he had this friend in high esteem.

So while we see how the lack of harmony in the brain hemispheres and how we live has devolved into a psycho/sociopathic society, what if it was the other way: the universe sends us people with these traits so that we can face times of war?

Maybe we need to get some to join our side!

Sorry if this is silly, but the thought popped into my mind!

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Hey Winston, thanks for these thoughts. I couldn't help but think you might very much enjoy the book "Political Ponerology: The Science of Evil, Psychopathy, and the Origins of Totalitarianism", which goes into great detail about the relationship between sociopaths and normal people, the corrupting influence that takes place and how this leads to macrosocial evil. All the best from France

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It's not just vaccinology as a religion, virus theory and genetics are snake oil too.


And from the book Official Stories by Liam Scheff

Here's a cool excerpt about polio and how viruses are used to blame cause you can't sue them lol

"It was perverse - it appeared in industrialized nations, but it left poor people alone. George Carlin even made a joke about it. He grew up poor. He and his friends “swam in the raw sewage” of the East River. “It gave us immune systems,” he said. “Unlike you rich pussies!” He was joking, but what if he was half right? What were the mothers of middle-class children doing that the poor weren't?

It didn't act like a plague. It appeared in summer. Adults never got it from children. People didn't “pass” it. It came out of nowhere and exploded in clusters. Whole schools would be taken down by a flash of profound muscular weakness, leaving some paralyzed and killing a few. Industrial history had demonstrated that neurological and paralytic Illnesses tended to act just this way - to explode, violently, in clusters.

But among academic scientists, there was no interest in toxins. The going concern in medicine was to nail down tiny particles. Pollution was not on the agenda. Instead, the focus went to something invisible that could perhaps be filtered from blood. Something never seen, but suspected to be there. These invisibles would be blamed for all illness. And vaccines would be invented to stop them. “Just as Pasteur and Jenner had done,” went the rallying cry.

But what was the real motivation, besides the fascination of some Ph.D.s with microscopes?

Ask the question: who funds university research? Who hires university researchers? The answer is the same: chemical, oil and pharmaceutical companies. And as my friend Janine Roberts (author of the very fine book “Fear of the Invisible”) says, “You can't sue a virus.” That is, you can sue industry. If industry doesn't want to be blamed for causing most of the ailments of the modern age, they have in their possession a ready scapegoat. A virus. Which they pay to discover and to develop vaccines for. And then you pay to be protected. But was the virus ever to blame? Was it ever really there?"

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Scuse me Winston, but herd of cattle, flock of sheep.

But yes, it's the media making celebrities out of a sounder of swine.

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