How to deal with vaccine-phobic problematic patients

There has been a rash of Pharmacophobic patients in Canada - antipsychotic medication may be the answer.

These people are dangerous and should be reported immediately to the state health authorities.

Bruce, 59, wanted to know the contents of the mRNA vaccine. Obviously delusional, and oppositional defiant disorder. Requires antipsychotic and antianxiety medication. Possible criminal history.
James, 73, could not understand how the vaccines could be ‘safe and effective’ when his wife suddenly died a day after her second dose of Pfizer. Obviously mentally incapacitated, oppositional, and possibly schizoid. Requires heavy doses of antipsychotic medication and a CT scan for possible frontal lobe lesions.
Daniel, 55, told his doctor to ‘get stuffed’ and ‘I’m not putting that shit into my body’. Oppositional Defiance Disorder and extremely low mental acuity. Suggest psychiatric intervention - possibly violent - highly likely a threat to society.
Simon, 77, after claiming his wife, daughter and grandson have suffered neurological disorders from the COVID vaccines refused to have any more of his family vaccinated. State terrorist, in need of urgent psychiatric intervention - currently sedated and awaiting a police escort to psychiatric facility.