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Extremely well said, Winston. This post made my day. Love it when I see someone make a point that I have been trying to tell people for years. I use a phone for two purposes only, to call and to see if someone may have left me a message. It's not a toy, it's not a game machine, it's not my gateway to Facebook, Twitter or much of anything. Especially since I don't care about either. It's not my Internet browser. It's a "fu'king," phone!!!

It does not control my life. If it's not charged up, no big deal. I'll still get a message when it is charged. Did I miss a stupid text? So be it. If I'm in the garage or outside and my phone is inside, no "biggie". Remember, as you said, that's where the phone used to be. The only reason I take it with me is if I am on a road trip or like when I used to have to travel to go to work. It was there if I needed it if my means transportation broke down and I needed to get a hold of somebody and that was basically the only reason I took it with.

It is not glued to my ears, I do not stare at it walking down the street oblivious to the real world. I do not ignore someone who is with me while I am in a trance.

Will definitely be linking this as usual @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

Would send it it to everyone I know, but most wouldn't get it. GREAT JOB!!!!!

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I don't take my phone with me when I go somewhere. I'm busy, I don't have time to talk on the phone anyway. IMO phone technology peaked with the answering machine. Now we go out for beer after a softball game and 3/4 of the team is just playing on their phones anyway. Why are we out at the bar again?

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I still have a landline. Never got a cellphone because I don't want to be tracked or connected all the time.

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This is an important post. We can’t control our politicians and unelected bureaucrats, but we are still in control of how we interact with technology. The media-pharmaceutical complex thrives on data. We beat them by withdrawing from the machine.

Besides the obvious (Linux instead of Microsoft / Apple, DuckDuckGo instead of Google, no social media, no Amazon, no Netflix, no credit cards, etc.), I recommend that everyone use Privacy Badger.


No one tool is perfect, but it will do a lot to reduce our online trails.

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Winston, thanks for the reminder. I am going to shut this machine off here for a bit.

Sarah needs a reminder of what we are doing here.

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Like you, I have sidestepped the smart phone madness. I only recently bought one for a trip, where I needed to communicate with others on the way, but now it's been turned off and it remains that way until the relatively rare moment again arrives and I need to use it.

Technology is not beneign. Back in the olden days, much if not most of new technology came about because one group of humans wanted to war on another group of humans. So, even technology that seemingly has only peaceful purpose will eventually be found, by somebody somewhere, to have value in making aggression against another.

One other thing is that the powers that be (PTB) - will always use new fangled technology to its fullest extent, regardless of ethical considerations - if they think nobody can stop them. Likely such technology is a kept secret in most cases, so as to keep the advantage it brings. It somehow goes hand in hand with those who manage to obtain power. I think right now technology is being used to completely erase our fourth amendment rights - behind the scenes. The amendment is being abridged, all the time, in cases where it then awaits, a long time or a short time, for more conventional (legal) evidence that can be used w/o disclosure of the technology. Tech from the quantum realm is ripe for this meme, if it hasn't already been added to the list of things we need to fear. It is advancing wildly.

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The term neoliberal order does not refer to a political change the way neoconservative does. Neoliberal was coined as an economic term referring to the change from Keynesian economics, debt based, as promoted by Maynard Keynes, a socialist, to free market economics as promoted by Milton Friedman, neoliberal capitalist. The overthrow of socialist Allende in Chile by Pinochet (suported by Thatcher and Reagan) was the dramatic political event announcing neoliberal economics had arrived in a forceful way.

Neocons arrived in a forceful way managing the hoax of 9/11 for Bush, but their economics continued the free market ethos. It was their muscular conservative politics that championed defense of Israel and demonization of Islam that brought new interventionist ideas to paleo-oconservatism (as they derogatorially named it). What was at first a revolutionary movement w/n conservatism is now the dominant strain of American foreign policy: they'll have democracy if and when we say so.

Neocons were much criticized by the late, lamented alt-right. There was much push back from both them and the paleo/trad right. Lately all I'm hearing about these vipers on Substack is crickets.

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Technology is always a double-edged sword. In this case, the algorithm can be used to condition the unwary, surveillance to track them, Big Data to get into their heads.

On the other hand, networks can be leveraged by self-organizing social orders that pass information at lightning speed and coordinate their activities with no requirement for centralized control.

Before the network, redpilling could take a lifetime. Now, it can happen in a matter of days.

The technocratic elite may be using information technology to cast a spell, but they may also be finding themselves in the position of the sorcerer's apprentice.

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Canada's Faucists Pick And Choose Who They Want To Inoculate How To Decide Who Is And Is Not Among The "Unvaccinated" Untermenschen? https://allfactsmatter.substack.com/p/canadas-faucists-pick-and-choose?s=r ""When government makes arbitrary and capricious choices about who must be inoculated and boosted, when government changes what it means to be “fully” inoculated on a whim, government is declaring it has no respect for fundamental freedoms or basic civil liberties. Such government is tyranny by definition."......... a lot of my jabbed friends where outraged at the announcement of the need for three.....which is great...but outrage needs to translate to not complying......so, we'll see....

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I drape, meld, mold couture clothing from fine linens, woolens, cottons and silks.

I garden noon to dusk.

I simmer soups.

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Nice little read from an 'old bloke' Winston. Just right for some holiday contemplation.

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This is what I do! I know I can't CHANGE THE MAIN SYSTEM nor the multitude of sub-systems.

Many years ago (10+) (after the last Financial Terrorist Attack 2007/8) I stopped being a degenerated necrophagous uman animal. Now I'm just a degenerated uman animal.

I try always to buy local (country level) food.

I don't buy anything that I don't need.

I don't buy electronics just because! (example my (CRT)TV was bought in 1997)

I never smoked or consumed drugs (no matter the legal status!).

I've also stopped having fiat money at the banks (only leave the quantity necessary to pay the mortgage and the associated multi-risks insurance nothing else) since the last financial terrorist attack of 2007/8.

I don't travel for purposes of "tourism" or vacations.

I don't use the private ICE vehicle do go to work. During the Year of the Global CovIdiocy 2020 I started to use it. No muzzle! (Now stopped again due to no mandatory muzzle, for now!)

I don't have a smartphone/tablet/laptop nor mobile internet access.

I don't have social media accounts (Fakebook/Twatter/Instagrum and so on).

I don't go to the cinema or other entertainments (shows, concerts and so on).

I don't buy news papers nor magazines nor books.

I've taken care of 3 abandoned felines. One died. Two still around.

I've no offspring. A joint decision with the Female that shares her existence with me. We Love them.

In short, this is what I do. Quite boring and ineffective but almost free of stress! I know... selfish.

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