Stay Within The Line

Some simple questions...

The Line
Precinct 451
Smith Family Pod 246b-451
2078, 8:30am

Kate (gender undefined) 12-year-old is sitting at the kitchen table in her pyjamas as her mother confirms the families medical updates and administrations with the precincts health authorities.

Kate: Mom, yesterday the teacher showed us a video of a forest in Central America. Have you ever been to a forest?

Mom: Yes of course! You know, the forest in precinct 220.

Kate: No mom, you know, a REAL forest, outside the line.

Mom: Kate you know we don’t go outside the line – you are not going to start on that again, are you?

Kate: Matt says we can’t go outside the line even if we wanted to, just like we can’t go to the end precincts – they don’t want us to!

Mom: You must stop listening to Matt, he’s a troublemaker Kate, you know that. And you know we choose not to go outside the line because we care for the planet. We’ve been over this so many times – staying within the line is protecting and enhancing nature and gives us a healthier and more sustainable quality of life.

Kate: Mom! You’re just repeating what the monitors are saying all the time! What if it is healthier to just be out there in the natural environment, you know, breathe the fresh air of the forest?

Mom: Kate haven’t you learnt anything from your history lessons? We did that for centuries and nearly destroyed the planet. If it weren’t for lines like ours and the circles in Europe and America, we would have destroyed the planet, and all died.

Kate: But what about the elite precincts, why can’t we go there!? Matt says there are hover ships coming and going from there ALL the time and that they get to go anywhere in the world and they are just using us to…

Mom: …Kate! Stop that right now! Matt needs to be reported for violence, such a naughty boy, such a terrorist, and you are listening to all his rubbish!

Kate: …Mom?... What are you doing mom?

Mom: I’m reporting Matt right now, I’ve had enough of these ridiculous conversations. His mother also, with her silly talk of the administration putting things in the air and the water – she’s crazy.  Take your tablets and get ready for school!