Left hemisphere science:

People are sick. Let's find THE cause. Ok it's viruses or bacteria. Problem solved.

Now let's find toxic chemicals that can kill these viruses to help people. (Never mind that toxic chemicals introduce their own issues)

Right hemisphere science:

There are a lot of factors to sickness. Viruses are a misinterpretation of the result of such sickness as the cause. How about we treat the obvious issues first, see what happens before we "go nuclear" with toxic drugs and shots?

Cult science thinking: (left brained with a dash of right brained "harmony" feelings)

The people who question virus theory are like flat earthers because we absolutely know that viruses exist. Our authorities told us so. It doesn't matter that there are huge doubts in how viruses are proven because we know the truth. Anyone who questions the truth is obviously crazy. And no, we are not crazy because we trust an authority over the actual data.

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Sep 2, 2022Liked by Winston Smith

It could be said that two other names for the Emissary are Narcissus, and the Sinner especially as (collectively) sinners always create hell-on-earth.


Speaking of the Covid phenomenon why not check out these two references.

The book titled The Corona Transmissions edited by Richard Grossinger and published by Inner Traditions plus Simon and Schuster too.

Richard is the founder of North Atlantic Books which along with Inner Traditions are my two favorite publishers. Check out Richard's more-than-wonderful Dark Pool of Light Trilogy

An essay by Paul Levy titled Covid-19 Is a Symbol of a Much Deeper Infection which is featured in The Kosmos Journal magazine. Paul's writings are featured on his website http://awakeninthedream.com

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Great Summary thanks, It reminds me of an Alan Watts quote "We do not really know how to interfere with the way the world is. The way the world actually is is an enormously complex interrelated organism. The same problem arises in medicine, because the body is a very complexly interrelated organism." Our thinking has become so mechanised, left brain thinking cannot see the interconnectedness of everything. From Heather Heying and Bret Weinstein's book, "Complex systems are just that, complex systems. Reducing them to a few easily observable, easily measurable parts can feel like success, but reductionism generally comes back to bite those who practice it."

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Yikes. The final paragraph leaves me thinking, well shit!

Thank you for this summary of McGilchrist's book. Unless I become unemployed again, I'm not likely to get around to reading it.

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Thank you so much Winston Smith for writing this series referencing Ian McGilchrist’s - “The Master and His Emissary”.

I am now up to date on reading each of the posts in this series.

I’ve also appreciated John Carter’s essays re the right & left brain hemispheres — also based on McGilchrist’s writings.

Since earliest childhood, I’ve felt a much stronger affinity for what most people would call the invisible “mystical” realms. Feels more like my true home base. I actually felt inclined to become a Nun from a very young age. And I loved their habits too.

Fortunately, I can also remain grounded enough in this solid physical realm that I can also appreciate the rational, logical, analytical nuts and bolts realm as well. It’s just that that world view always feels so limiting and constrictive and like wearing clothing that feels too tight.

Astrologically, I would assign the left hemisphere to the planet Saturn. And the right hemisphere to Jupiter. Saturn represents the principle of constriction while Jupiter represents the principle of expansion.

Oddly— or maybe not so oddly — Saturn also represents Yahweh — the Black Sun. And of course is considered the natural ruler of the sign Capricorn.

And Capricorn represents the height (capstone) of the pyramids of earthly power — the presidents, monarchs, the popes, the big cheeses of the world. The pinnacles of success.

Please do not think there are only negative connotations associated with that sign because of what I’ve mentioned above. Because that would be absolutely incorrect. There are many positive attributes, character traits and principles associated with Capricorn — as is true with all the Signs and Planets. A few positive attributes are —

1. The Skeleton - the bone structure of our bodies. Imagine not having bones to hold up our physical bodies. Like constructing a building without a solid support structure.

2. The contractions necessary during the birthing process. Imagine the mother only having expansions and no intermittent relief via contractions. That’s where she can rest in between expansions.

There are many, many more. I just wanted to point out a few so you’re not left with a lopsided view. 🙃

Besides, some of my favorite people have Capricorn Sun Signs — like Dr. Joseph P. Farrell.

Plus I have a Capricorn Moon too. Lol 🤗

Interestingly, the glyphs (symbols astrologers use as a shorthand form to represent and symbolize the planets and signs) are reversed — top to bottom. In other words the glyph for Jupiter is turned upside down to represent Saturn.

But I digress.

I am absolutely fascinated by Ian McGilchrist’s ideas. So I’ve decided to watch his YouTube videos on his channel to learn more.

Wow!! Instead of the indoctrination, mind programming schools I attended, learning this information is what a real and true education could be.

Well, better now than never. Lol

Thank you again.

I’m late to your party here on Substack but I am eagerly looking forward to reading all your previous posts in order to catch up. Lol

I always feel sooo wealthy whenever I discover a treasure trove of worthwhile writings. Better than a refrigerator full of yummy food choices imo. Lol

Blessings upon you 🌈🥳🧚‍♀️

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