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I agree the older physicians (well before 2020) would take a holistic perspective and it seems that has slowly been lost to algorithms.

As for your LHB dominance, the more you talk about your perspective the less inclined I am to place you in that category.

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Not sure how or even whether this slots in a left brain / right brain framework but the phenomenon that has been vexing me most is the monomaniacal focus on one aspect of an issue to the exclusion of anything else.

Zero COVID: this virus must be eradicated or we will all die. Actual impact and fatality of the virus are of no import. Effect on children or economy can be disregarded.

Zero Carbon: this trace gas must be eliminated or we will all die. The scientific ludicrousness of the thesis is of no import. The technical impossibility of proposed actions can be disregarded, so can the impact on world population and economy.

Great Reset: we must destroy society and economy and replace it with something better. The lack of any clear or realistic idea what this ‘Better’ is or how it may come about is of no import. Effects on current society and economy can be disregarded.

To me, all these ideologies look like apocalyptic, eschatological religions. Sorry if this is highjacking your post.

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Hi York - Although each of these issues are driven hard by ideology, the binary, or black & white, nature of the stances are very much left brain centric.

The left hemisphere of the brain loves to categorise things, make them discrete and simplified, isolated from context, and stick them in a very clearly defined category. The decontextualising and simplifying of issues often boils them down to, as you say, a monomanical focus. Indeed autism, which has many characteristics with left hemisphere dominance, displays this monomania by obsessions over a particular topic, often with very strong black & white thinking about it.

A left hemisphere myopic view, a narrowed field of awareness, seems to be reflected in each of the examples you give - arriving at an obsessive pursuit of this thing or that.

So you are on the money my friend. But I'm afraid you will continue to be vexed as the whole situation seems to be getting worse - and yes, toward something apocalyptic.

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My pet peeve is the so-called “upgrade”. Because they’re more likely to be an actual “downgrade”.

And the new and “improved” product or service. Ditto.

Bigger is somehow automatically “better”.

Less expensive is the bottom line.

Regardless of hidden downsides.

Literal rather than literate.

Disconnected bits and pieces.

Thinking about our feelings rather than “feeling” our feelings.

Saying an inner “yes” to our individual egos.

Being “right” (ego) rather than being “correct” (in harmony with Cosmic-God principles).

Being in a hurry. Rushing. Refusing to slow down and be present. Playing constant “catch-up” with our “to-do lists”.

Worrying, anxiety, fearful re possible or potential future loss.

Drowning in details.

Faster is better than slower.

Basically, pretty much every feature of modern living is primarily focused on left brain hemisphere interests, assessments, & conclusions.

Left hemisphere requires proof, evidence, critical thinking, logic, rational, accountant approach.


Right hemisphere is more concerned with one’s personal subjective experiences. Our senses. The invisible and more mystical realms of inner space.

Those are some of the differences I notice in myself and those around me and in the world at large.

Love your writings. And your comments on other Substack accounts I’ve begun reading these past couple of months.

Finally got around to reading your essays yesterday.

Thank you very much. 🤗

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