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During university I remember having the strong sense that I wasn't a person to the vast institution I was paying to educate me; I was my student number, and nothing more. This depersonalized experience felt completely antithetical to education. After graduation I experienced none of the fondness for my alma mater that one would normally expect. It's impossible to feel bonds of affection for an impersonal mechanism that shuffles you around like so many variables in an equation. The result for my alma mater is that they have received, and will receive, no donations from me - I haven't the slightest impulse to do so.

The pursuit of algorithmic efficiency uber alles is alienating both horizontally and vertically - between people, and between people and organizations. Who now feels loyalty to their employer? To their city? To their country? You can only love that which loves you back.

Great video btw.

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Five minutes more or even fifty of a video of this caliber and I'd watch every second and probably rewatch it again. Pretty please Winston 🙏

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"Your future digital ID will be the ultimate expression of who you are" - will never happen while I draw breathe, which is gonna be challenging for 'them' to justify why I need to be reduced to a 'datalogue' for the convenience of an innate AI that has no concern for my biological uniqueness.

Oh how I hope He hasn't lost my early exit ticket as I'll go completely nuts if I'm still compos mentis if ever this shyte becomes reality.

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Yes I too had to make notes by number to define a person and their issues. Often there is no real match close enough has to do. It is interesting to see how many people are completely unaware that they are already a group of numbers, the only real difference will be less numbers, streamlined to meet all government needs.

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The private business world treats employees pretty much like universities treat their students.

Both are considered sources of energy — basically “food”. Students pay $ as “food”.

Employees pay labor as “food”.

Use us up, wear us out, pay just enuf to keep us showing up the next day to pay for food, clothing, shelter — then discard us and replace us with the next batch of brand new batteries fresh out of school.

Still — before 1980 and the introduction and promotion of the popular new love affair with the MBA programs — which the pearl-clutching little yuppy generation of materialists/atheists (backlash to their hippy parents’ non-materialist values) took to like the proverbial ducks to water.

The “nesting” project began.

Rent movies from blockbuster.

Stay at home with personal partners and/or intimate friends.

Prepare 5-star restaurant cuisine at home using the latest kitchen home appliances like blenders & food processors and ice cream makers.

Who needs to go out?

Mix with the riff-raff?

Get one’s hands or shoes dirty?

“Cocooning” they called it.

Before smart phones came along, the “trend” was towards private house parties rather than attending large public gatherings.

It’s been a very l-o-n-g road traveled for a pretty long time.

One of the worst features of a left-brain-hemisphere AI centered society is that “society” gets cancelled. AI isn’t a society. Human beings make a society imo.

AI = Artificial Intelligence

AI = Alien Intelligence.

AI = Alien Insect intelligence.

Alien and alienating.

Off topic question: The attitudes of sooo many 5-Eyes + European “leaders” is sooo unpopular with their respective voter bases & still they continue with their agendas.

What possible incentive could these leaders be offered that would convince them to double-down and risk being overthrown by their own citizens?

Besides all the obvious incentives of power & money and status.

Just wondering if they may have been promised some form of “immortality”?

Thanks again, Winston, for great essay & fabulous video of pertinent points. 🧚‍♀️

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