Bergoglio's statement about private property was not only "blatantly marxist," it was profoundly at odds with the Catholic faith, the Church of 2,000 years, theology, doctrine, and common sense. His sophistry would be hilarious if it weren't so spellbinding for so many people.

"Man recreating himself as his own god, everyone equal, each master of his own destiny without oppression."


But hey, let's remember: the REAL danger to "democracy" (their word for dominion/color revolution installed governments) -- and the REAL harbinger of violence and death -- is the mythical "far right," upon which we have projected fascism, and thereby associated the two in the popular mind.

Very good piece. Many thanks.

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I always get the impression that these socialists “intellectuals” want all this equal poverty for everyone but themselves. Funny how that works.

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Fascinating connections you've drawn here. Who would have expected that an obscure priest from a backwater country would cast such a long shadow across history?

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I never understood why Benedict abdicated the papacy and Francis, his ideological opposite, was put in his place.

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YouTube links are not displaying properly for me, I am oppressed

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This is very interesting. There is also an intellectual figure who is very important to Schwab, and this is Jacques Attali. https://rightsfreedoms.wordpress.com/2022/03/21/the-real-globalist-mastermind-behind-the-great-reset-prophet-jacques-attali-videos/

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Sorry but klaus is not pushing any communism, but state corporatism aka Fascism.

People will own nothing, whereas in true socialism, the workers share ownership of production.

Instead we have a rentier system, as Michael Hudson explains in many interviews and articles.

PS, China and the USSR = state corporatism. Workers don't own shit.

It makes no difference whether the wealthy own it all or the party does, it's oppression.

This stupid idealism of free market capitalism is just another illusion of choice. Deregulation just made the west allow for more and more monopolization. You vill own nuffing and be happy.

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Deeply disturbing how history unread is repeated in ever more vicious cycles.

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Thanks for a deep article. I will share it.

Klaus is just a public face, of course.

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Thank you! I really appreciate this revealing analysis. Well worth the price of the subscription.

In my map, the 1958 coup in the Church appears to have been pivotal. https://whitesmoke1958.com/

The post-coup "anti-popes" have evidently been carrying out their mission. https://whitesmoke1958.com/

Resources for the curious include: https://novusordowatch.org/francis/


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Interesting and informative. Will be linking today @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

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