You ought to be more careful in your labeling. Though I agree with you on the mainstream right's Straussian connections, I don't agree with your neoreactionary assessment. Yes, the PayPal mafia (Theil and SV bros) do have some connections with the neoreactionary faction, but in a very limited capacity. It is much better to categorize them as techno-accelerationists (right wing progressivism adjacent). For the most part, neoreactionaries (which I mostly align with) are committed to Elite theory, and all that it entails. And, yes, there are Christians in this group. Needless to say, the right has many, many different factions (diversity is our strength--ugh!). Categorizing them correctly is a difficult and nuanced task. Best to be discrete.

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(Though discrete still applies-- kinda)

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Quite eye opening. Thanks O'Brien

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In short, these "Straussians" believe that the white countries must be stuffed with savages until everything collapses and the white identity vanishes completely, but see Israhell as an ethno-state where everything must be kept clean and kosher, because "muh holohoax", "me is chosen people" and other blatant lies, forced upon the white population under the penalty of crooked "laws" concocted by the cabalists themselves.

We are witnessing another white genocide, perpetrated by traitors within, under close Jewish supervision, while the vast majority of the white population has already been dumbed down and revels in its own destruction. There will be no "great awakening", there will be no "resistance", there will be only two choices for the whites - slavery or death.

I do not fancy slavery.

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Dear O’Brian: This essay provides a nice roadmap to the (wider than I thought) field of Rightist thought. However, I derive from the tone and the emphasis on factions a distraction from the over-riding point: Our problem is a runaway freight train of anti-humanism from an irrational Left that enjoys rare myopia combined fatally with an internally accepted death penalty for saboteurs and opponents alike. Given the grim determinism of this enemy, let’s not allow our intellectualism to soften our apprehension of what we face. Or let it come with a label warning to buck up our loose parts - “Enjoy this analysis and history lesson, but don’t dare believe at this stage of the war that we can afford any crack in a hard understanding of why our views and goals are superior to psychopathy, and our righteousness needs to be tempered by the best elevator messaging humankind has ever seen.”

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