When the going gets dangerous, dirty, or heavy they will gladly push the real men forward. You don't really think more then 1 percent or so of these pansy-ass nitwits are going to be standing side by side with you on the front line, do you?

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The US Marines know how to make a recruitment ad - I trust the rest of the military will now go back to truly inspiring recruitment drives and draw warriors into the service.

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Aug 7, 2022Liked by Winston Smith

The point I never get to review is this military is built on profit. Profits first seems like winning isn't even in the mix. Fatman profiteers don't make good soldiers.

Put a fork in the USA at this rate.

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Good video Winston will be linking as usual @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

The second video was typical Fox/ Ingraham propaganda although it had a few good points. I usually like Kurt Schlichter's take on things but Gordon Chang is pretty much a straight up China phobe.

I have seen similar comparisons to the different militaries before and many feel we are the weak ones now, but this could just be one big psyop. Just because we don't have big weapons and army parades that are visible to the public doesn't necessarily mean we don't have just as equal capabilities. The qualities of our military leaders right now, may not be the best, but you can blame this shift on the past few years beginning with Obama years in 2008 when he began to thin out quality leaders!!!

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