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Thank you, Winston, for unpacking our current absurdities. I would love to read your further thoughts in a Part 2 of this article, about the work of brave souls as we venture out of the cave, and for those of us already outside.

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Can't trust anyone who thinks there is no objective truth. Refreshing to read someone writing about it.

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Well said ... it seems like the software of gender and the hardware of biological sex are getting mixed up .. (not to use too many mechanistic analogies for humans, but that's how Heather Heying describes it and it makes a lot of sense to me) .. that, OK, someone can be a feminine being in a male body, or inhabit the spaces between masculine and feminine .. and if that's authentic, it's beautiful.

But if their actual biology is that of a human male, that is the truth of their biology in this lifetime. To conflate having a feminine essence (or an affinity with elves, or a deep kinship with wolves), with "So you should actually physically become one" is an assault on truth, reality, sensemaking, and their body.

The tragic wave of young people who regret mutilating themselves and are telling their stories of how they were coerced and pushed along, with it being so easy to get approvals to transition and so hard to be treated with respect when they regretted it .. That and the tide of "vaccine" (and, vaccine), injured , and parents, are a powerful force of undeniable truth ..

And, tails up (sorry!), but species dysphoria is on the way ... https://freedomofform.org/

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Very good article

Perhaps you could also have mentioned the Pragmatic theory of truth - that our knowledge is always necessarily imperfect and we have to proceed understanding the limitations of our knowledge.

Perhaps you were unfair to Bertrand Russell, expounding something similar to the Natural Law version of truth

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This is a great article and really gets to the heart of the matter -- before we can move on together, we have to agree on what reality is. I wrote about this a little while back!


How can we come to any sort of resolution of a problem if (at least) one side refuses to acknowledge the reality of the situation, and if we’re simply yelling past one another and not listening? I’ve often said that as a libertarian, I understand the importance of taking your allies on a position wherever you can find them. If you want to end the war on drugs, let’s work together — your position on other issues is irrelevant as it pertains to the war on drugs. But it today’s political climate, the politicians are too busy demonizing the other side to ask for their support on important matters. Since we don’t actually interact and discuss, we’re basically living in two separate realities.

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Hedonism and self delusion

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Good read, Winaton, Will be linking once again @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

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Nice article . . . but mentioning Cage brings to mind the idea of iconoclasm. Iconoclasm is the fear of images and was very destructive towards classical western art. In fact, certain types of Modernism are iconoclastic in that the abstract artists, whether minimal or expressionist, criticized classical western art as, yes, lying. Because an image of a tree or a saint isn't real. It's paint on a wall, board or canvas. Or made of wood or stone. Therefore, fake. Same goes with Islam. Images are lies that offend Mohammed. Lately, they blew up world-heritage Buddhist icons.

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Excellent questions. I look forward to hearing you discuss them further.

I tried to watch a John Cage production on YT because I had never heard of him. So glad I did not waste the entire 7 minutes of #433, or other. The pianist sat down and never touched the keys.

The freedom of form site was truly disturbing Ellen.

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Garden of Eden... Why would god leave the tree there, but to test his subjects?

Oh, it's got knowledge, but don't eat from it, because I said so.

Sounds like the FDA and CDC today with data.

But that's "my truth" hahaha

Another interesting view would be to look at the stories of Satan "instructing" people as their own split... If you consider the bicameral mind theory.

Short summary of bicameral mind:

-We used to act automatically with the help from the gods. (Direct control, no conscious choice)

-Later, gods spoke to us in voices, as a guide. (Not direct control, some 'choice' involved)

-Then, we lost the ability to hear the gods. (No longer influenced by "god")

This progression is from having a divided mind that started to link together, eventually not needing "voices" in order to communicate between hemispheres...

It's pretty close to the garden of Eden story... We were a part of god (a robot), then we were influenced by god, and nowadays not influenced by god but by "logic" as we see science today.

I hope the next step of humanity, we start to realize that even though we don't "hear god", our subconscious still drives a lot of our perception.

Then, perhaps we can be closer to reality and not assume that what we see or hear is always true.

The more I know, the more I realize that I know very little.

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Please also check out The Truth Book (The Aletheon) via this reference


This reference describes the Process involved in the writing of the many books written by him, and a list of his books too

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But where dos the Teaching and Revelation of Truth come from?


And is there really an objective world "out there", and what are the devastating cultural consequences of what is at root an emotionally primitive childish even infantile, and terrifying idea too!


Meanwhile please check out this reference re Adam & Eve in the Garden of Indestructible Light


Truth of course cannot be falsified. All dogmas are essentially false and are at root about power and control. They are certainly not about Truth Reality and The Beautiful Itself, or Freedom.

http://global.adidam.org/books/eleutherios The Only Truth That Sets the Heart Free.


Check out this references re Art and Reality.


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The Truth Jesus was referring to is not about telling the truth. It is much more, much higher than that. Truth, is a spiritual current that cannot be written or spoken, it is a Power.

Referred to it as Logos, Holy Spirit, the Comforter, The Word (not the written word).

It is the Creative energy of God which is within everyone, but rare is the person who realizes and experiences it.

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